Healing with Sacred Sounds of Peru

Sound Healing

Sound healing is the art of using consciously the energy of sound frequencies with the intention of bringing wellness, harmony and health. Many ancient civilizations have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years. In this part of South America, now called Peru, the sound healing practices were part of their traditions. Now those sounds are vibrating back again in this time of transition, in this new awakening.

In Peru, we have an ancient sound healing heritage that has been transmitted in many ways. Instruments like whistling vessels, quenas, antaras (pan flutes), whistlers, feathers, bells, rain sticks, drums, rattles among others are used for sound healing proposes as well. 

Everything vibrates. Sound is energy. Energy is light. When we separate ourselves from nature, we get sick, unbalanced. The ancient instruments and sounds help us to reconnect with the forces of nature, with ourselves, restoring health, peace on mind and deep healing. They help us to remember, to recover our memory, our roots and origins in order to recognize ourselves with Mother Nature and the great mystery of life. 

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